Replacing PC Engines APU motherboards with Broachlink Noah

The PC Engines company, which manufactures APU series motherboards, has announced “PC Engines apu platform EOL” the end of production of its embedded motherboards.

Rack Matrix Technology offers a replacement alternative for APUs.

If you are a manufacturer of PC Engines APU-based devices, you can consult us about replacing your APU motherboard with a Broachlink Noah motherboard.

Renowned for their stability and being fanless, APU cards have been widely used in embedded environments, firewall routers (OPNsense, pfsense, IPfire etc), small NAS and all other specialized devices.

Rack Matrix Technology, supplier to many IT service providers around the world for their routers and other specialized devices, wanted from 2020 to be able to provide its customers with an alternative to PC Engines APUs with the same essential characteristics. Small size, x86 platform, embedded processor with long uptime for purchase, fanless and economical.

Rack Matrix Technology in partnership with the manufacturer specializing in embedded motherboards Broachlink has brought to market the Noah series embedded motherboards which can advantageously replace APU from PC Engines in all projects. For almost 4 years, many specialized APU-based devices have been migrated to a Noah motherboard, with the expertise of Rack Matrix Technology.

Being the exclusive official importer of Broachlink products for Europe, Rack Matrix Technology provides warranty, support and advice. Do not hesitate to contact us for the simple supply of Broachlink embedded motherboards, the replacement of an APU by a Noah in one of your projects.

You can refer to our blog article "Noah from Broachlink, the powerful and flexible motherboard, replacing the APU2/3?", concerning the hardware and power difference between an APU and a Noah.

Below is the table of correspondences between an APU card from PC Engines and a Noah card from Broachlink


PC Engines models   Broachlink models

APU2 top 200x190



BL NOAH3 TOP 250x198

Noah 3

APU3 top 200x209 



BL NOAH3 TOP 250x198

 Noah 3

BL NOAH5 TOP 200x193

Noah5 with side PCIe connector

Noah5 TPM 2.0 with side PCIe connector

APU4 top 200x217

 APU 4


BL NOAH4 TOP 200x197

Noah 4

APU2 top 200x190 



BL NOAH3 TOP 250x198

Noah 3


APU6 TOP 200x211




Noah 6

Article on replacing the APU6 with the Noah6