Mounting of the LED and push button report on an APU

This tutorial will explain how to mount the LED and push report RMT-CASE-M1-ACC0003 for a PC Engines APU1, APU2, APU3 or APU4

Please have the following items ready:

  • soldering iron tool
  • 5.5 mm hex screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

Table of Contents


Content of the kit RMT-CASE-M1-ACC0003.

RMT CASE M1 ACC0003 800x331


Please locate on the following image the locations of the 8-pin connector to be soldered and the SMC LEDs to be desoldered

presentation FR


Step 1 - Solder the 8 pin header connector

This step is used to solder the 8-pin male connector to receive the LED and push button report cable.

Solder the 8 pin header connector on the following location J4 on an APU2, J5 on an APU3.


Step 2 - Unsolder the SMC LED from the motherboard

Without this step the report LEDs will not light up. At least the lighting level will be very, very low.


8 pin connector soldered and the 3 LEDs of the motherboard unsoldered.

8pin header unsoldered led EN


Step 3 - Fixing the motherboard and mounting the spacer braces of the LED report

spacer brace


Step 4 - Mounting of the LED report

report on support 800x567


Step 5 - Connection of the LED report cable

report on support cable connection 800x399


Step 6 - Final mounting, overview

mount 1


mount 2


mount 3