APU1, APU2, APU3, APU4 and ALIX 2Dx Mount Kit for Rack Matrix® M1, right side mounting

  • 2 x PMMA support for PC Engines APU1, APU2, APU3, APU4 or ALIX 2Dx boards (fit perfectly for sticking the heat spreader provided with PC Engines APUx board)
  • 4 x screws for mainboard
  • 4 x screws for fixing support to the bottom case

Liste of mainboards compatible with that mounting kit:

PC Engines

  • APU1
  • APU2
  • APU3
  • APU4
  • APU5
  • Alix 2d3
  • Alix 2x13 (2c13, 2d13, 2e13, 2f13)
  • Alix 2x2 (2c2, 2d2)
  • Alix 2d14
  • Alix 2x18 (2d18, 2e18)
  • Alix 2d19
  • Alix 6x2 (6i2, 6j2)


  • IPC100
  • IPC110
  • IPC120
  • IPC130
  • IPC140

Rack Matrix® M1 is case sold separatly