Pre-assembled RackMatrix®, association of a 8 ports PoE switch and a PC Engines AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz Quad core system board with 3 Ethernet Gigabit ports integrated within the high quality 19" RackMatrix® enclosure. 
For custom UV print on the front panel, please contact us.

Included in the delivery :
  • 1 x RackMatrix® 1U enclosure pre-assembled with a 8 ports PoE 10/100 Mbp switch and a PC Engines APU 2 AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz Quad core system board, 3 x Gigabit Intel (i211AT) ports, 2 Gb DRAM
  • 1 x 220V Power supply cable

System board PC Engines APU 2 
CPU AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz Quad core
Memory 2 Gb or 4 Gb (ECC) DDR3-1333 DRAM
Optional storage 4 to 128 Gb mSata or 320 Gb HDD
E/S DB9 Serial port
  2 x USB 2.0 external ports
  3 x Gigabit Intel (i211AT) ports
Switch 8 x PoE 10/100 Mbps ports
Power supply 90 - 264V with light and fuse protection
Warranty 1 year (material, return in our workshop)